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Board & Train Program: Dog Obedience Training by Professionals

Problem Pooch to Delightful Dog

Better Manners

More Control

New dog in your home, but no time to train? Everybody working long hours and no time for dog training classes? Are you too busy running kids to practices and games in the evenings to attend a dog class? You may want to consider having your dog professionally trained.

Does your dog: Jump on you and your family? Bite your hands, heels, or clothing? Bark constantly at you or other people? Hump your leg? Growl when you try to reach for its collar or food bowl? Pull you down the street while on leash? Run when you say Come? You may want to consider having your dog professionally trained.

Our Board and Train program is designed for the pet dog to fit into the family’s home and life style in a short period of time. We aim to have a happy and willing dog that responds quickly to commands. Our professional training can build solid, dependable obedience behaviors in your pet.

BOARD &  TRAIN$35.00 Board + $30.00 Training = $65.00 per day

1 Week Board & Train:
Introduce: Collar Praise, Sit at the Door, Wait to go outside, Loose Leash Heeling, Down, and Click & Come

2 Week Board & Train
Adding to the Foundation: Collar Praise, Sit, Down, Let’s add a Stay, Attention at Heel, Click & Come

One Month Board & Train: 
More is better and will strengthen your basic skills, plus, work on issues……..redirecting for Attention.

Remote Collar Training Available

(Price of Collars vary according to size of dog. We use and believe in Dogtra brand collars.)

Training Method:
Guide > Cue > Tap > Stop > Praise
Guide your dog into the new behavior >>> Verbal Cue is added to the Action >>> Tap until desired behavior is given >>> Stop the Tap >>> Praise and reward

Our training program is setup where your dog comes and lives with us for 1 week, 2 weeks, or one month of training. Starting date will be setup by Trainer and Owner’s schedule. Your dog will be trained outdoors in our training field, in our training building, and in our home. He will live in our “In-Home” kennel, and will have individual outdoor time and will have group time with other dogs, in addition to his private training lessons. (view our boarding page)