All Boarding Clients MUST participate in Doggie Daycare Regularly. Your dog will feel more comfortable and less stressed if they are familiar with their boarding facility. Please Plan ahead for your dog, if you have no time for Doggie Daycare, then we cannot board your dog.

Come to the country and enjoy running and playing with your friends!
We’re located on 32 acres of fields and trails for your pets pleasure.

Our family has been in the dog “business” for almost 30 years. We’ve owned and operated a kennel since 1979. We’ve seen the dog boarding industry change from basic outdoor kennels to luxury accommodations. We’ve seen all kinds of dogs, all kinds of dog behaviors, and all kinds of dog owners. One fact that we have seen evolve over the years is that pet owners no longer view their dog as an animal, but as a member of the family.

While you are gone our Canine Care will provide a loving, nurturing environment for your doggie. Our homey atmosphere will be less stressful than other boarding alternatives. All dogs will receive individual attention from experienced workers. We will be promoting good house manners, supervised play, and group play (if temperament allows).

Your dog will benefit from Canine Care through socialization, exercise, and experienced supervision. Your dog will be exposed to new dogs and people, building confidence in his ability to meet strange dogs and unfamiliar people. Exercise will help eliminate your dog’s boredom and undesired behaviors like chewing and barking. Our experienced eye will be attentive to your dogs physical needs, noticing early if there is a problem, or mental needs, watching for early signs of stress or over stimulation.


In order to Reduce Stress for your dog, all new boarding dogs MUST participate in Daycare prior to boarding. The number of daycare visits will depend on your dog and how well they adjust to the kennel environment. Please plan ahead for your dog, if there is no time for daycare visits, then we are unable  to board your dog.

Our Facility includes:

  • Pampered Care in Our Home Kennel for Day, Overnight, and Extended visits.
  • The Kennel rooms in our home have AC and are heated.
  • Watch DirecTV with the Doggie channel throughout the day to simulate that home feeling.
  • Large individual pens for sleep, nap, and quiet time.
  • Huge fenced in yards for individual or group play.


Business Hours

Monday - Friday: Morning

7am - 12:30pm

Monday - Friday: Evening

4pm - 7pm

Sunday Only

5pm - 7pm

Drop off: 

  • Charges start the day you drop your dog off.
  • D/O until 12:30pm is a Full Day Charge
  • D/O at 4:00 pm is a Half Day Charge

Pick up: 

  • P/U before 9:00am no charge for the day of pickup
  • P/U up till 12:30pm Half Day Charge
  • P/U after 4:00pm Full Day Charge



Daily Schedule


6:30am Rise and Shine………1st Pottie break outside
7:30 to 8:30am Breakfast time
9:30 am Rotate out.  Dogs that like to stay outside may stay out
10:00 – 1:00pm Group time for Walks, Ball Chasing, or Swimming
(Swimming is Open from May – September)


1:00 – 3:00pm Rest and TV time
3:00 – 5:00pm Outside play time


5:00 – 6:00pm Dinner Time for Boarding Dogs. More Play for
DayCare dogs.
6:00 – 7:00pm Daycare:  Hangin out, waiting for pickup
7:00 – 8:00pm Boarding Dogs last pottie break
10:00pm Final Walk-through and last Cookie for the night


Times are approximate. Schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.


Boarding Fees


$35 per day for the first dog second dog in same family 40% off.

(Discount applies to dogs that can be penned together during feeding)



What to bring for boarding

  • COUNTY LICENSE. Must have current county license.
  • Food. We recommend bringing your own dog’s food. Place food in
    zip-lock or container, labeled with name and amount. (Not necessary
    to bring a food bowl.) We feed a dry kibble mixture. We are happy
    to feed your dog this or you may keep them on their regular food.
  • Bedding. We have plenty, but some people prefer a towel or
    sweatshirt from home.
  • Snacks. You may bring snacks. We treat with dog biscuits and
    rawhides, if allowed.
  • Toys. Kongs or toys are fine, but you may not get the toy back.
    Dogs love to steal toys.
  • Medication.We are able to administer medications. Please
    bring them with you and make us aware of this need at
    check-in time. Also, if you give meds in peanut butter
    or cheese, please provide. Fee depends on number of meds
    and how they must be administered.


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