Doggie Daycare:

Doggie Daycare follows Greencastle Antrim Schools Inclement Weather Procedures

Is your dog home alone all day? Is your dog bored?…Chewing up the furniture?…Ripping up the carpet?…Doggie Daycare can help!
Is your pup in need of training…Doggie Daycare can help!
Is your dog bouncing off the walls when you come home dead tired and stressed out from a long day at work?…Doggie Daycare can help!

Doggie Daycare is here to keep your dog from being bored, lonely, or mischievous. Dogs have a chance to make friends, run outside, play ball, Frisbee, roll in the grass, and swim (during swim season). There is also an indoor room to rotate. Our daycare services are available Monday – Friday. Full or half days. Our morning drop-off hours are 7:00 am to 12:30 pm. Evening pickup hours are 4:00 – 7:00 pm. We can also train your pup while he’s here during the day and give you the training technique to go home and practice that night.

When you come home from work, tired and exhausted, is your dog bouncing off the walls? Doggie Day Care to the rescue! Doggie Day Care will help burn that energy, so that you both come home ready to sit-down and relax. Bring your dog for fun in the sun, run, play, romp with friends. Who’s up for a game of frisbee, catch, or kickball?

Bring your dog out for a day of running, socializing, meeting new friends, exercise and fun. He will play fetch, chase the ball, swim in the pond, or run the agility equipment. He’ll go home tired and happy.

Doggie Day Care Rates are based on the dog’s ability to be penned with a group and the ability to play in a group.

Daycare Rates:

  1. $20.00 per day = your dog can be penned in with a group + play with a group.
  2. $30.00 per day = your dog can NOT be penned with a group, but can play in a group.
  3. $40.00 per day = your dog can NOT be penned with dogs or can NOT play with other dogs.

Weekly rates will depend on the daily rate.

Doggie Daycare is offered: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm

*******PA law does not allow any dog over the age of six months that is NOT spayed or neutered to play with other dogs. Your dog may still enjoy exercise, but will not be placed in group play***********