Doggie Daycare

Rates vary

    • Doggie Day Care Rates are based on the dog’s ability to be penned with a group and the ability to play in a group. Daycare Rates: $20.00 per day = your dog can be penned in with a group + play with a group. $30.00 per day = your dog can NOT be penned with a group, but can play in a group. $40.00 per day = your dog can NOT be penned with dogs or can NOT play with other dogs. Every dog over the age of 6 months that is NOT spayed or neutered is $40 per visit. Weekly rates will depend on the daily rate.

      Full day: 7:00 am up to 7:00 pm
      Weekly Rates depend on Daily Rate

Daycare & Train

Daycare Rate + $20 Training

    • Monday – Friday
      Drop-off times: 7:00 am to 9:00 am
      Pickup times: 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm


Day Rate + $15 Night

    • Second dog discount – 30% off
      for dogs that can be penned together

Board & Train

$65 per day

    • Fee Per Day = $65.00

      $35.00 Board + $30 Training
      Fun and Focused Training. Your dog will enjoy learning!


In Home Training

$125 - $700

    • In Home Training Program works with you and your dog in the comfort of your home.
      One In Home Lesson = $125
      Three In Home Lessons = $350
      Six In Home Lessons = $700

Training Classes


  • Six Week Courses

      • Level 1. Foundation and Home Skills.

    Level 2. Community and Public Access Skills.

    Level 3. Service Task Skills.