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Cycle Crate Training: A Potty Training Routine

  1. Morning Outing:

    • Begin your day by taking your puppy out of the crate, located near the designated door for potty breaks.
    • Open both the outside door and the crate door with enthusiasm.
    • Use an excited tone and say, “Let’s go Outside, Potty!” to establish the purpose of the outing.
    • Lead your puppy to the desired potty area and wait patiently for them to finish.
  2. Potty Reward:

    • Once your puppy has completed their potty business, reward them with a treat and positive reinforcement.
    • This creates a positive association with pottying in the designated spot.
  3. Exercise and Play:

    • After rewarding, take a short walk around to provide your pup with some light exercise.
    • This contributes to their overall well-being and reinforces the idea that outdoor time is for more than just potty breaks.
  4. Mealtime and Rest:

    • Return inside and place your puppy in a gated area or enclosed space to supervise them.
    • Prepare your puppy’s breakfast and feed them in the crate.
    • Allow your puppy to rest in the crate for around 30 minutes, adjusting the time based on their needs.
  5. Second Outing:

    • Once the rest period is up, it’s time for another potty outing.
    • Head back outside to the designated potty area and stand still while your puppy takes care of their business.
  6. Reward and Play:

    • As before, reward your pup with a treat after they’ve finished pottying.
    • Follow up with a short play session or walk to provide mental and physical stimulation.
  7. Repeat the Cycle:

    • Continue this cycle throughout the day, alternating between crate time, potty breaks, meals, and play.
    • Gradually extend the duration of time spent outside, ensuring supervision and positive interactions.

Remember, consistency is key in crate training and potty training. By following this sequence, you’re setting a reliable routine that teaches your puppy to associate crate time, outdoor time, and potty breaks, contributing to their overall successful training and development.

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